Reception - Packing / Unpacking

Our service offer :
unpacking, unloading, the storage,
dispatch, repackaging…

In order to reduce your delivery costs in advance, we take delivery of your merchandise in containers, trucks, on pallets or not, and we add the appropriate support. To secure your export goods we will take care of optimizing packing and securing your merchandise in shipping containers.

We take delivery of your merchandise on our premises in accordance with a closely defined procedure:

  • Merchandise, whether it is dangerous or not, is checked and unloaded
  • Containers are unpacked, boxes and pallets are opened if necessary
  • The merchandise is assigned to delivery zones
  • Merchandise is unpacked and dispatched to dedicated storage areas
  • Delivery documents and quantities are checked, the condition of the merchandise is checked
  • Any reservations are noted on the documents

In partnership with a forwarding agent we can store your merchandise under customs and tax suspension (Customs bonded warehouse).


“We are your eyes”

Your merchandise is checked for both quality and quantity.

Checking criteria may involve:

  • The presentation and the condition of packaging
  • Product labels (Name, Supplier, P.U., BB date..)
  • Hazard, health and safety labeling
  • Size
  • Loads