Preparing orders

Satisfy your customers by providing them with the right product in the right place at the right time

The teams at ASTR’IN work daily so that your orders are reliably and delivered according to your instructions, taking care not to damage your products.

In the same warehouse, our teams work with the best technology at all stages of preparing your order:

  • Complete packing preparation
  • Retail preparation (in boxes, individually…)
  • Scanning checks at each stage in the process, cross-docking and slotting

The experience and expertise of ASTR’IN LOGISTICS guarantee a logistics solution adapted to your needs:

  • A pooled or individual solution
  • Management of seasonal variations
  • Product security: responsiveness to quarantine blocking – unblocking, traceability of SSCC number and load number, generated reminders
  • Sell-by date or contract date management

 Our teams bring real added value to your logistical operations and build a tailored solution to meet the requirements of your end customer.

 In all of our solutions, our priority is the quality of our service in a quest for zero faults.