E-business solutions



Whatever industry you may be in, we have the best solution to effectively deliver your products to your customers

Our software systems (WMS, TMS) and our innovative technology are at the very heart of our expertise.
Whether it is through a solution developed internally by our teams, or by integrating partner solutions, our procedures can be adapted to meet your needs, at the same time remaining flexible.
We work alongside you to:

  • enter new collections
  • prepare old collections for dispatch to outlets, flash sales,
  • take stock to be sent for photo shoots, marketing operations, fairs or other special operations

ASTR’IN LOGISTIC is the only partner covering all links in the supply chain, from receipt of the on-line order to managing returns.

Our engineering teams design and implement dynamic procedures to suit your needs (manual, mechanical or automated).

Performance promises are monitored using KPIs: delivery deadlines, accurate order preparation, continuous progress plans…